POWERlink V3

OBD Port Programming Tool

Upgrade Your Car's Performance


  • Power increase
  • Improved throttle response
  • Rev limiter increase
  • Fuel economy increased
  • Idle increase
  • Tuned for use with 91 or 93 octane (100 Octane option available)
  • No lift shift and launch control (on applicable tunes)

Perform the Update yourself

The Integrated Engineering POWERlink V3 OBD port tuning cable allows easy ECU programming from the comfort of your garage. This OBD plug-in device is easy to use with and Windows powered laptop to read and write files from your ECU. With the ability to flash multiple files, you can easily recalibrate the ECU for different octane settings or boost levels (for example, switching between 100 octane or 93 octane files). The POWERlink V3 cable is also capable of reading and clearing diagnostic codes as well as allowing the car to be flashed back to stock.